The Reclamation (or Exterminatus) of Korvus Prime

First Contact

The Astra Militarum have engaged the Ork invaders and the Ork Warboss is itchin’ for a fight. The map is updated. If Wagner doesn’t pick a fight this turn we’ll plan on Bob and Loren rumblin’ on the 31st and I can help with rules etc… and may be a fun game before or after if people are going to be around. The background for Bob’s Warboss is outstanding for those who haven’t read it yet.


One note – my second should be in the orbital station instead of the factory.

First Contact

And B – how many points should we begin with? Say an even 1000? I’m hoping that’ll allow us to get through the entire match in a day.

First Contact

1000 points will probably work for me.

First Contact

Da boyz grab the broken, headless body of Kaptin Waaar’Zuk and triumphantly lift him up onto their shoulders. “Let’s ‘ear it for da Boss! We’s’s sent dem stinin’ ‘oomies back where dey come from! Now where’s’s head?” One of the boyz from da lootas squad walks up with Waaar’Zuk’s head tucked under his arm like a football. The head is puffing on what passes for an ork stogie, the noxious fumes mingling with the smell of cordite, brass, blood and shit from the battlefield.

“Dat was a good fight. Dem tanks really packed a whallop.” Waaar’Zuk looks at his cyborg body, particularly at all of the holes the heavy bolters made. “Well, I’s didn’t have much guts to start wit. Now I’s got a few less I guess. Bring dat body along to camp. Gotsta have a Doc sew me ’ead back on.”

“Don’t ferget to loot dem ‘oomies boyz! What, dey only had lasguns? Bah, dat’s not worth nuthin’! If it don’t go bang it ain’t worth a grot’s toof. Leave ’em.”

As the boyz march back to camp, Waaar’Zuk’s voice can be heard on the wind. “Gotsta get some new Can Openas. And gotsta find a way to crack dem tanks. Dey’s was da only thing worth fightin’!”

First Contact

The Imperial Guard’s 27th Korvus Heavy Mechanized Battalion did not win the day, but we haven’t heard a grunt or a snort from those damned green Orks since the battle.

My assessment was correct, Kaptin Waaar’Zuk, really is a pussy.

“Well men, we’ve seen and learned a lot in the past few days. Those of us that have survived are harder men now (just look at our Stat Blocks, exactly the same as they were before). The organization and equipment of our Armored Corps has been thoroughly overhauled in response to the lessons of war. We shall utterly destroy these Ork raider when we next meet on the field of battle (if the Space Marines arrive by then). The Emperor’s will shall prevail.”

Major VanHustlin, Commanding Officer, 27th Korvus Heavy Mechanized Battalion Reenforced
First Contact

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