Kaptin Waaar'Zuk

Da Warboss


ws bs s t w i a ld sv 89 points
5 2 5 5 3 4 4 9 4+

Feel No Pain 6+, ’Ere We Go, Furious Charge, Independent Character, Mob Rule, Waaagh! (units become fearless when Waaagh declared)

Gear: ’Eavy Armor, Shoota, Stikkbombs, Cybork body, Big Choppa, Attack Squig


Originally part of Waaagh! Grukk, the space hulk containing a large contingent of orks got split from the main battle force and exited warpspace near Korvus Prime. Coming off a series of wins in the Sanctus Reach region of space, Kaptin Waaar’zuk rose through Grukk’s ranks until he commanded his own Freebooterz Mob. During his time spent in warpspace, Waaar’Zuk battled the other warlords on the hulk.

Goresplat the Terrible of the Evil Sunz was the first to fall. Waaar’Zuk and his nob retinue (affectionately called Da Kan Openas) ran through Goresplats speed freaks, ripping apart the machines through brute strength and the use of power klaws. The pitched battle reached a crescendo when Goresplat ran Waaar’Zuk over with his Deff Rolla, crushing most of Waaar’Zuk’s torso to a pulp. Stopping the battle wagon to observe his handiwork, Goresplat turned in time to see Waaar’Zuk grab a length of intestine, fashion a lasso out of it and wrapped it around Goresplat’s neck. Tugging on his guts to bring the Evil Sunz boss closer, Waaar’Zuk was able to close to melee range and chop Goresplat’s head clean off with his big choppa. After his triumph, Waaar’Zuk’s torso was replaced by a shiny new metal one.

His fight against Bad Teef of the Bad Moons tribe went a little swifter. Letting his mechanized grots lead the way, Waaar’Zuk followed closely behind Da Auto-Bots. Cleaving a path to Bad Teef, Waaar’Zuk shrugged off multiple shots from the Bad Moons boyz, thanks to his shiny new body. Things got down and dirty when the two war bosses collided. Bad Teef ripped out a tooth and plunged it into Waaar’Zuk’s eye, temporarily blinding the big ork. Waaar’Zuk responded by kicking out a hydraulic leg, clipping Bad Teef in the side and knocking him over. Pulling the tooth out of his eye socket, Waaar’Zuk took advantage of his rival’s prone position and leapt into the air, coming down upon Bad Teef’s legs. The crack of bones breaking could be heard above the din of the gunfire. Reaching down, Waaar’Zuk shoved a stikkbomb in Bad Teef’s mouth then kicked him in the teeth. With a resounding thump, Bad Teef was no more.

Originally hailing from the Bloody Axe tribe, Waaar’Zuk values tactics. He drills his men constantly, and even takes the time to drill those other tribes that swore fealty to him. He understands the value that his chaos allies bring – they can soak up a few bolter rounds while he gets into hand-to-hand range.

“Paint dem shiny new ‘Bots red boyz. We’s’s goin’ to da fight!”

Kaptin Waaar'Zuk

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