The Reclamation (or Exterminatus) of Korvus Prime

As the kids say nowadays..."Totes".

I’m totally in for whatever needs to be done to eradicate the heretics and ‘ooman scum from Exterminatus. Just don’t tell Wagner that the Green Tide that is the ork war machine is going to roll over his chaos forces once our uneasy alliance against the Imperials ends…

I’m sure with a little coordination I’ll be around to accept the great gift of the ork versions of Bo and Luke Duke. Or is it Billy Bob and Jim Bob?

Gave up on old map... New map posted

Couldn’t get the old file to open and was too short of patience to rebuild it, so I’ve created a new map and this one seams up one the left and right and I’ve corrected some geographical features to keep jungles from being on the south pole etc. Pyramids are hive cities this time out, factories are factories, planes are orbital facilities, castles are re-forced installations and the oil rigs are promethium mines.
Let me know if your in for starting over on this and we’ll do placements again and go from there.
P.S. – Are you going to be around this Sat. Bob? I’m going to be up for Father’s Day I have a bag of Confederate Ork Heads for you…

Finals are over and I've ascended... to the porcelain throne!

Finished with school for the year so I thought I would pay the extra $5 for ascended membership as a guilt fee to update this bitch and get some painting done as well. More to come.

New computer is up and running...

My new computer is now up and running and I have to pull the hard drive from the old one to get the campaign map off it in an editable form. I will update and post it soon.

Up on Friday Night.

My plan is to come up Friday and if it’s cool with Wagner, I’ll stay at his place.

First Contact

The Astra Militarum have engaged the Ork invaders and the Ork Warboss is itchin’ for a fight. The map is updated. If Wagner doesn’t pick a fight this turn we’ll plan on Bob and Loren rumblin’ on the 31st and I can help with rules etc… and may be a fun game before or after if people are going to be around. The background for Bob’s Warboss is outstanding for those who haven’t read it yet.

Killin' waits for no man!

The Space Wolves have been distracted by the dastardly plan of Chaos to place fire hydrants across the planets surface.

Bob, go ahead and move. Loren has attacked you at the hex one of your generals is current;y in. but you do not need defend with that general…
Wagner, you could go as well…

First Turn Complete

Mmmmm…. tasty war. Tasty, tasty war.

First turn is complete. My thoughts at this point is continuing movement in the same order until contact is made then, movement order will be determined by actions in the previous turn – two attacks putting you at the last to move with two no attack, no defense, no movement putting you first in the turn and then different combinations of the two sorting out the rest.
Wagner raised a good point that I failed to define what is what on the map as far as what counts as mountains for movement penalty. Looking closer at the map, I see the mountain shape is more prolific then just the dark brown hexes. My intent was to have just the dark brown count as mountains, but I am open to having the other hexes count as well if people want.

On the march...

Having rooted out the Xeno and Chaos taint on the planet the Imperial forces begin advancing on the enemy positions. The enemy has chosen their strong holds well – the orks already salvaging from and re-purposing the Imperial factory and the flyers from the orbital station for vehicles to fuel their Waaagh! The chaos marines have turned half of the population of Hive City Hepicus to the worship of the chaos gods and the other half will make fine sacrifices to fuel the daemon engines. (Mikey T.’s move, then Bob, then Wags.)

Reposting thing from wiki page so people can comment...
Map Movement

Here are my thoughts on the map. Each general can move 3 hexes a turn with mountains costing two per hex. You can move through unclaimed hexes freely, but hexes owned by another player must be fought for (unless conceded) and stop movement. Each general can only fight once per movement phase. Generals not committed to a battle can be declared “Defensive” which allows them to respond to an attack on any hex controlled by the defensive general’s player if the contested hex is in continual connection with the hex the defending general is currently occupying or if the general is occupying an orbital station . If you move two hexes and attack you can bring any units. If you move three hexes and attack you can only field units with a mode of transportation greater than infantry (I.e. – troops in a transport – a 12 flat out in game move), capable of deep striking, scouting, and/or infiltrating. Tanks would be okay, but heavy tanks, which can only move 6 inches in game, couldn’t keep up with your fast attack force.
For every hex you control you lose ten points from the total brought to a battle. If you control nine hexes you subtract 90 points from whatever agreed upon amount you have with your opponent. This simulates forces left behind on guard of occupied hexes and thus the ability to defend against attacks on hexes where your generals are not. Mines, the resources that keep your army fueled for battle, (when controlled) give you fifty points to offset the cost of controlling hexes, but only to offset – not in addition.
Armies controlled by your generals get 150 points against the cost of the general. So if I had a vanilla chapter master as my General he would be free. Cost 130-150=0. If I took him with a bike and a thunder hammer – cost 190, he would only cost 40 points.
Controlling factories allow the player to add one force organization slot to a combined arms chart for one battle per turn per factory controlled. Example – I have control of two factories and one general (Commander Pud) is attacking and my second (Sergeant Major SkidMark) is on defense with three territories being attacked. In the battle using Pud I could expand my Heavy slots to five using both factories or to four and SkidMark could add a fast attack slot or in defense of a hex without Skidmark I could give them two extra troop choices to suck up all those bolter rounds.
Movement across water hexes is normal except in any attack from a water hex to an enemy controlled hex the attacking player can only bring units with deep striking, infiltrate, skimmer, flyer or in the case of the Astra Millitarum Chimera – the ability to ignore water terrain. Water hexes cannot be controlled.
Battles with allies – an ally can join in an attack if they can physically get their general to hex being attacked. The Primary attacker dictates any point adjustments for holding hexes
to the agreed upon point total for the battle and then the allies split the points between them however they see fit with each of their respective generals receiving the 150 points offset of their cost. Generals cannot ally in the defense of a hex – since all attacks are planned by the Inquisition and the main weapon of the Inquisition is surprise. And fear. The main weapons of the Inquisition are surprise and fear. And flamers. Regardless – attacks can be assumed to be too surprising to marshal a joint defense.
For the hive cities- bonuses will be by faction. For Chaos, mass sacrifices allow them to ignore a perils of the war roll once per battle for daemon summoning purposes. For orks, who like eating ‘ummie food and taking their stuff while forcing them to fight to the death for sport is like a day at the spa for orks – each hive city controlled give a single unit a 6+ feel no pain or improvement of +1 to an existing fear no pain. For Astra Millitarum – each hive city controlled gives a 30 man conscript squad that doesn’t count against force organization. For space marines – duty bound to protect humanity, they feel really, really bad if they don’t control them.
Experience for generals- the first win gets you a roll on the chaos boon table (ignoring spawn and daemonhood) then two wins for the next roll, then three wins, etc.
1st win = 1st roll
3rd win = 2nd roll
6th win = 3rd roll
10th win = 4th roll
If your general dies in a battle, roll a d6. On a one, he (or she) is very dead. A two is -1 to WS. A three is -1 BS. A four is -1 S. A five is -1 I. A six is nothing serious. If your general had feel no pain, eternal warrior, or it will not die at the time he (or she) was killed they add +1 to the roll. If they were instant killed they -1 from the roll.

Let me know what you think or if you have suggestions or whatnot.

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