Ok. Look at the map. (In maps) The city skyline looking thing is a hive city. The planes are orbital stations. The pick axes are mines (or other important natural resources.) The factories are, well, factories. The railroad tracks are underground rail systems.

This is the planet Korvus Prime. A rather unimportant Imperial Planet that paid their tithe and went about their business, until recently that this. Planetary Governor Lord Tebberan Sythe has ruled with grease covered fingers and multiple chins for sixty years and now, despite rejuve treatments, he is dying. In his fear and weakness his prayers wavered from the Emperor to anyone that would listen and someone was. It was Father Nurgle that answered Lord Sythe’s prayers and now a rot has begun within the bureaucracies of the planetary government that has infected all aspects in some part. Not to be out done by its hated rival, The Lord of Change has put plans into motion to steal the juice prize of Korvus Prime from Nurgle. Just as the machinations of chaos where about to erupt across the planet like a lanced boil, planetary sensors picked up a small moon sized object fall out of the warp in the system. A space hulk of massive proportions filled with the great green tide that had recently rallied around a new war boss with a vicious and crafty (or was it crafty and vicious) disposition who was looking for materials to fuel his Waaagh! and he had his heart set on Stompers…. lots of Stompers! Planetary forces still loyal to the Emperor send out distress calls which force Chaos into action. Sensing an opportunity to set foes against one another and get revenge against a hated nemesis from the age of the Heresy, an ancient Lord of Chaos, calls out to the wolf that was at the burning of Prospero. Answering the the call for aid, a cruiser from the Knights of the Raven en-route to relieve forces fighting against the tyranid threat, changes course and arrives to see the planet in the throes of war.

Wagner, since chaos as been here in the shadows, pick two hexes to place your Warlord and Second. The different symbol-ed hexes will have different bonus, such as mines giving bonus points, factories giving added force org. slots, hive cities – sacrificial materials, and orbital ports, a one way ticket to any other hex…. details coming. My thoughts are for winning conditions – imperials have to claim 75% of the land hexes, chaos needs three hive cities and a space port (to escape), orks want the mines and factories to make more ‘dakka, to fight more wars, to get more stuff, to make more ’dakka, to fight more wars, to… (or something along these lines). Loren, if you’re in, you get to choose loyal or traitor guard… or some other force… maybe ’nids that were hiding on the space hulk.

The Reclamation (or Exterminatus) of Korvus Prime

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